Four Essential Steps to Being Interesting

How to Be an Interesting Lawyer

We know many lawyers who try to market themselves. Take personal injury lawyers. The vast majority of accident victims who use Twitter to find a personal injury lawyer end up confused about which PI lawyers actually practice law and which simply read a lot of tragic news stories. The problem? Something known in marketing circles as interestingness. In other words, knock off the authenticity schtick. It’s boring. Just be interesting.
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Practical and Ethical Considerations for the Law Office Hot Tub


We’ve extolled the virtues and business sense of establishing a well-stocked office bar. But what if your client wants to meet early in the morning and does not want a Scotch and soda before dropping the kids off at school? A law office hot tub provides a great alternative in such situations. But before you install an office hot tub, prepare sufficiently for staff and client use. We also recommend that you address two important practical and ethical issues prior to taking that first hot dip with clients.

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If Your Butt Itches, You Should Scratch It

But Scratches Itch It

We’ll be the first to admit that, in a vast inter-connected multi-media world, simple goals for your practice get lost in all that vastness. Worse, your practice goals may also get muddled, set aside, or even co-opted as you try to figure out how to pursue them. We’ve certainly been there, adrift without an anchor and not able to act on things that, in retrospect, are simple and basic. Which brings us to today’s basic question that perplexes a surprising number of experienced lawyers: what if your butt itches?
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How to Hire and Employ Scriveners for Your Data Backup


Backing up your law firm’s correspondence, files, and electronic data can be a time-consuming, frustrating, and complicated process, particularly when you have to consider the wealth of easy online options. A scrivening solution, however, provides a solid approach for data back up and also provides much needed local employment. But how do you go about implementing a scrivening solution? Here’s our top advice. [Read more...]

Four Simple Steps to Become a Real Lawyer


These days, people who want to become lawyers spend three to five years in law school and another two years looking for a job. Unfortunately, even after graduating from law school, being admitted to the bar, and landing a job (or starting a practice) new lawyers still do not get the respect of many of their older colleagues. Worse, some established lawyers do not accept that new lawyers are actually real. Why? We’re not quite sure, but from our research we believe it relates to new lawyers using shiny technology, wearing inappropriate shoes, and hanging out in coffee shops. But don’t despair. There are are few simple steps to follow to gain the respect and acceptance of established real lawyers.
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Key Olfactory Considerations for Your Practice


There are a lot of things to consider when setting up and running your law office. But one oft-overlooked consideration is the olfactory brand you want to impress upon your clients. In other words, how do you make your office emanate confidence and competence? We’ve been advising attorneys on this issue for years. Yet, despite our advice, it’s still an issue that few attorneys understand, let alone address. We hope to change that with our few simple and easy-to-remember tips and considerations.
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Chank Submits His Application for Thought Leader Status


C. Hank (“Chank”) Peters, BLB’s founder, has submitted his application to become a thought leader among legal professionals and social media consultants. In a letter to fellow thought leaders Kevin O’Keefe, Chris Brogan, and Ashton Kutcher, Chank outlined his experience and his unwavering dedication to the skill of thinking. The text of Chank’s hand-written submission follows. [Read more...]

National Food Holidays: Leveraging Your Law Firm’s Social Media Strategy


I received a choice piece of advice from a marketing consultant recently. First, some background. We all know how hard it is to engage potential clients and even to keep current clients informed about your law firm or practice. Social media, however, has opened up endless opportunities, from sending private scraps on Orkut to chatting with clients on AOL. But something struck a nerve when the consultant mentioned three words to me: National Food Holidays. [Read more...]

A Lawyer’s Essential Multimedia Guide to Finding Things with Google

Type "" in Your Browser Window

Now and then we return to technology basics for your practice, such as cursor settings, rebooting your machine, or plain-language typing. This time, we’ll concentrate on Google and how best to use its remarkably powerful online search engine. If you are already using Google to find things online, keep reading. Or should we say “keep looking.” We’ve got some great professional screenshots that provide a quick refresher. That’s why we call this our multimedia lawyer’s guide. [Read more...]

Pump Up Your Legal Briefs with Yiddish


Anyone in the business of writing legal briefs and memoranda knows how hard it is to breath new life into a stale medium. After a few years in the grind, it’s difficult to find new words that pack a punch. That’s where Yiddish can make a strong and memorable impression in your writing. Here are some top picks for incorporating Yiddish into your practice and legal writing. [Read more...]