Product Review: The Clydesdale Hauler Cart for Courtroom Readiness

Clydesdale Hauler Cart

If you are a well-practiced attorney, you’ll recognize yourself somewhere in the recent online dustup over how much stuff to bring to court for a hearing. On the one hand, shiny gadget people like to bring as little as possible and cram it all into their front pockets. On the other hand, there are those who really want to cross off all the twelve Ps of being prepared. For them, you really need an enterprise-level hauler cart. Luckily, recent innovations in the hauler cart industry have brought us lightweight workhorses, such as U-Boat Carts, Rock-n-Roller Multicarts, and even industrial-level baggage-train haulers you see at airports. What’s best? For our money, we like the Clydesdale Hauler Cart, available online from Here’s why.
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